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Piano Lessons in Brighton

What do you want to learn?

I can teach you how to play just about anything on the piano by simply having fun!

I have successfully taught a wide variety of students in the East Sussex area over the the last 20 years.

My experience in teaching, performing, recording and producing for a wide variety of clients has enabled me to develop a unique approach to music making & learning - and I'd like to pass it on to you!

With me you can learn...

Pop, Jazz, Rock 'n' Roll, Boogie Woogie, Classical or anything in between. I really can teach any other music style - tell me your favourite artist and we'll learn that!

I also teach...

  • Music Technology - Logic & Abelton Live
  • Songwriting & Composition
  • Arranging & Orchestration

Why I Am Different

I believe you should be able to make the music you want to make - my main aim is that you get exactly what YOU want out of your lessons

Whether you are an experienced player, a student looking to expand your skills or a complete beginner, I can help you.

And if you'd like to know what some of my students say click here.

About me

I have been active in the music industry for over 30 years - during that time I have worked as a session musician, producer and musical director for a very diverse range of projects and clients.

Falling in love with the piano (and music generally) when I was 7 years old, I was soon out and about and gigging when I was 10. Studying music, working in recording studios and playing solo & in bands (of course!) followed in the next years - and after Uni my fate was sealed!

I have since performed upwards of 500 gigs in my career from top hotels to weddings to prestigious product launches & conferences. I have also had the privilege to have worked with some of the finest names in the UK music industry: Terry Callier, Will Young, Kylie & Dexys Midnight Runners - although I think the highlight for me thus far was jamming with Nigel Kennedy at his birthday party...

My Lessons

Having each foot firmly in the dual camps of formal training and self-tuition, I have a unique approach to teaching and music which has helped many people achieve their dreams.

My students come from all walks of life and all levels of experience - I specialise in tailoring each lesson specifically to each individuals' needs, so they are always working at a pace and on material in a way which suits them.

If you'd like to check out some of my compositions, explore here:


  • I've started my classes with Chris as a beginner with no prior musical skills whatsoever. Chris helped me not only to build up those skills but also to find confidence and joy in front of the piano. We worked both on classics, to improve technique, and modern stuff, to increase engagement. From the very beginning Chris tries to adress your expectations and teaches accordingly to them, and your personal capabilities and preferences. Lukasz

  • Chris is brilliant. I started lessons at age 40 as something I've always wanted to do. I was nervous about learning but Chris is very approachable and extremely patient. I didn't want to go the conventional way of Grades and he was happy to teach me any way I wanted to go. Seriously if you are thinking of learning piano I can think of no better way to learn than to give this man a call and get started. Do it now! Stephen

  • Chris has unbelievable patience, an incredible teaching method and clearly enjoys what he does. Lessons are fun and definitely something to look forward to every week. Chris' enthusiasm and positive approach makes learning incredibly easy. I would encourage anyone to try at least one lesson and I guarantee you'll be back for more. Beki

  • Chris is a great teacher. Teaches you the kind of styles that you want to play as well as introducing other types of music and styles which will help your playing. I'm learning to play from music and improvisation. He's very enthusiastic and at each lesson has clearly thought about what new things to introduce and tailors it to your progress and interests. I thoroughly enjoy my lessons with him. Dulcie

  • Three years ago I went into the MusicRoom in Brighton and asked for a piano teacher who would take on an adult beginner who wanted to learn to be able to play jazz on the piano - and got Chris Harvey's number. I praise that day! Chris has managed to teach this old dog new tricks, taught me to thoroughly enjoy all aspects of playing the piano through a balanced mix of classical & modern pieces, and technical exercises. I'm confident that he will see me all the way through. Christian

  • Each lesson with Chris has unlocked a musical door which I hadn't even realised was there before. The man is a truly great teacher, with bucket loads of patience, encouragement and a method of explaining new ideas in a way that is simple to understand and empowering. He customises the course of tuition to your needs and goals and has a seemingly limitless source of musical knowledge which keeps things fresh and inspiring. I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing now if it wasn't for his tuition. Get a lesson, you won't regret it! Dave

  • Chris has a modern approach to teaching music. He is both encouraging and inspiring and his method not only allows you to learn at a pace that suits you, but to learn to play the type of music you love. Piano lessons with Chris are fun! Carol

  • I have been a student of Chris Harvey's for over 2 years. I had no musical background and at 32 was skeptical I could learn. However, due to Chris' excellent ability to style my lessons and adapt them to my needs and pace of learning I have succeeded in passing my Grade 1 piano theory and practical exams. Chris encourages me to choose music and learn songs that I like and want to play and makes the lessons fun. Rebecca


Q. What if I haven't played before?

A. No problem! Actually I'm quite envious of you, as you have all this wonderful stuff to discover! If you like music and have always wanted to make sounds you like, impress you friends, or develop a new skill then these lessons are for you.

Q. Can you really teach anyone?

A. Just about! I've developed my unique teaching method specifically just for adults and mature learners just like you. This means we'll work together at a pace that's right for you - and you can be sure you'll be treated with respect and like an adult!

Q. How much do I have to practice? I'm really busy with my job/kids etc. Will I have enough time to dedicate myself to this? Will I have to have lessons every week?

A. Sure! You don't have to put in hours and hours of mindless and boring practicing. I've taught lawyers, other teachers and many business professionals/MD's (and of course parents!) who are looking for a little light relief from the daily demands of life. I recommend a minimum of 10-15 mins regularly, for example every day or couple of days. So much of learning music is about frequency, not quantity - so a little, often, is so much better than trying to cram in an hour the night before your next lesson......! The frequency of your lessons is designed to suit you - so every week, fortnight or even once a month is just fine.

Q. I had a few lessons when I was a kid, but that was a long time ago. Will I be able to pick it up again?

A. Great! You've got a bit of a head start then....I see many folks who had some lessons as kids, got to a certain point and then for whatever reason have not been near a piano in years. Sometimes this was due to stern traditionalist teachers, other times maybe life just got in the way. Returning to learning is a very rewarding experience and rest assured the emphasis in our lessons is squarely on the fun you can have by playing the music that you personally have a connection with - I can certainly guarantee you that our lessons will be unlike anything you've experienced before!

Q. My friends tell me I'm 'tone-deaf'! Is there any point in me even attempting this?!

A. What do they know?! Even if you think you have no musical ability whatsoever, I've got to tell you - I've never met someone who couldn't learn how to play their favourite tune! One of the great secrets of music and learning to play the piano is that it can truly be open to anyone - sometimes we've been put off by the artificially 'stuffy' attitude which sadly often pervades the teaching of musical instruments, sometimes it may be because we hated being forced to play scales and exercises with an uninspiring teacher ad infinitum as kids, sometimes it's just because we don't want to even attempt learning because we fear we'll look foolish and fail! Coming to lessons and taking the steps to learn as an adult is an extremely rewarding and fun experience... pop along for one lesson and you'll see what I mean!

Q. How long will it take for me to learn how to play?

A. Good question! This depends on what you'd like to achieve of course. You'll certainly be playing the basics of your favourite tune with about three lessons - often quicker. What I hope you find is that this is the beginning of a wonderful life-long relationship with the piano for you.

Q. Can I really just play only the music I like?

A. Absolutely! It's possible with my method to learn everything you need to develop a good piano technique and musicality, simply by studying the music you personally prefer. So if you're not into Classical music or Jazz for example, no worries - I've taught every style of music to every type of person you can imagine - from Coldplay to Adele, from Elton John to Ed Sheeran...

Q. Will I have to play hours & hours of boring scales & exercises?

A. Only if you want to! The truth is that my unique approach means that you'll always know the musical target you'll be aiming for. We're not looking to turn you into a Concert Pianist (unless that's what you want of course!)

Q. Doesn't learning to read music take ages? Isn't it really hard?

A. Well, my method means that reading music is always 100% optional to you. We can progress in a way that suits you - remember some of the most talented and successful musicians in the world can't read a note...e.g. Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix and Tori Amos just to name a few. Obviously if you do decide to learn to read music it's going to open up more possibilities for you, but it's not essential, and not analogous to not being able to read words. By the way, reading music - like everything about learning a musical instrument, I guarantee you is nowhere near as difficult as you may have been led to believe....

Q. Will I have to do grades and play in public? Yikes!!

A. Relax! ;) Grades are completely optional, as is playing in front of anyone (except me of course, but I'm not scary!). Some people find working towards a Grade helps them focus (and does provide you with a nice shiny certificate to put on the fridge), but seriously - it's by no means essential. As always with our lessons, you, the pupil are in control of the direction of our lessons to the degree to which you want!

Q. Who are you to be saying all of this stuff anyway?

A. Thanks for asking! I'm Chris Harvey - a professional musician & composer. I started playing the piano and writing music when I was 7 years old, since then I have performed thousands of gigs and worked with many successful musicians in the UK. I've written a great deal of music which you will have heard on TV & Films and Top 40 records (including the Christmas No.1 X-Factor single - 'Wishing on a Star'). I've been teaching in Brighton for over 15 years and during that time have developed my unique teaching method from my broad and deep experience in all walks of the music industry. I have a passion for opening up the joy of learning more about music to a very wide range of different people and am very grateful for how many people I've been able to help with my unique method. You can hear more of my music at

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